Arm/Hand Pain or Numbness

Often, pain or numbness in the arm or hand is caused by subluxation in the neck, or cervical spine.

Nerves branch off from the spinal cord and exit the spine between the spinal bones, called vertebra, to travel all the way down to the arms and hands. When the spinal bones become misaligned, called subluxation, the nerves become stretched, pinched, or irritated.

Nerves Short-Circuit Causing Pain or Numbness in the Arm or Hand

Much like an overloaded circuit, the resulting nerve irritation from subluxation can cause the nerves to misfire and result in pain and numbness sensations in the arms and hands.

Rather than masking the symptoms with drugs, chiropractors seek to correct the cause of the problem; thereby creating lasting relief.

Subluxation of the spine can produce symptoms such as:

  • Arm pain
  • Arm numbness
  • Hand pain
  • Hand numbness
  • Pain or numbness in the fingers
  • Aching in the arms or hands
  • Weakness of the arms, hands or fingers

Other Spinal Problems Related to Arm and Hand Pain or Numbness

Subluxation can also be related to other spinal problems that cause arm and hand symptoms such as disc injurydegenerative disc diseasearthritis of the spine, carpal tunnel syndrome and spinal stenosis.

Arm and Hand Pain or Numbness Affects Quality of Life

Often patients have difficulty sleeping and performing activities of daily living because of numbness or pain in the arms and hands. Frequently, patients complain of poor quality of life due to the extreme amount of discomfort that they are in from aching pain in the arms or hands. Weakness in the arms, hands or fingers can be problematic in performing home or work duties.

Got Pain or Numbness in the Arms or Hands? Get Checked Now!

Chiropractic may help you. The only way to know for sure is to have a chiropractor check you. Chiropractors are specifically trained to detect and correct subluxations that can cause arm and hand pain or numbness. Sacramento chiropractor, Dr. Jeri Anderson, DC of Capitol Chiropractic has over 25 years of experience in helping patients with arm and hand pain or numbness. Give Dr. Jeri a call at (916) 368-1600 and get help now!